June Projects – Face Masks and Christmas Stockings

I kept myself “busy” last month. I’ve been mindlessly eating whenever I have “free” time and being busy prevents me to accomplish my goal of losing the baby weight. We don’t get a lot of free time with an infant and a toddler but it seems that whenever I have some, my instinct is to get something from the pantry ~ anything sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. It has to change.

For the month of June, I listed things that I want to do that doesn’t involve #1 Eating and #2 Computer. It would be nice to do something creative as well to take my mind off the pandemic, the news and the social media.

Masks, masks and more masks

I sewed 2 masks for our family. One for my husband, one for me and one for MBP. I was lucky that I have some scrap fabrics and elastics handy. Bonus points since the fabrics were old pillow covers and baby blankets that were torn by our furbaby. I didn’t have to order anything and I heard that it is really hard to get elastics these days. I followed this video to sew my elastics. We use it whenever we have to go outside and shop for groceries or visit the doctor for a check up. My husband has to put on his contact lenses since the mask fog up his glasses.

Custom made masks

Christmas in June

I also sewed 2 Christmas stockings. One for AHP and one for our furbaby. I made 3 in 2017 during my first maternity leave. I’m lucky that there were some extra fabric to match one more stocking for AHP. I have to use a different fabric for our furbaby, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. I followed this tutorial. I’m still pretty new to sewing, but I’m pretty happy with the result, especially of the appliques.

The 3 stockings from 2017 hanged in our former house in Seattle
Additional stockings for AHP and our furbaby Leela

I’m hoping to at least finish one project per month. It’s not a very lofty goal, but I’ll be happy if I can stick with it.

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