A Day in Bellevue, WA

Last year, we went to Bellevue to watch the Snowflake Lane Parade. It became a tradition and we went again this year. Bellevue is about an hour north from of us and like last year, we made a trip out of it.

Our first stop was KidQuest Museum. The museum was not crowded when we went on a Thursday afternoon. My 5 year old enjoys the “packing” room. It’s a room with tons of boxes, where kids can put it on a conveyer belt, or scan the items or deliver the packages. He stayed there majority of the time and made some friends around his age. My 2.5 yr old played all over the museum – in the toddler room, the market, the train and the treehouse. We were there for almost 3 hours until around dinner time.

For dinner, we arrived just before 5 at Cheesecake Factory. We chose this because it is the closest restaurant by the parade. We were lucky and got seated right away. We had dinner at normal time, around 5:30. We went to Bellevue Square Mall to kill time before the parade. The mall has a kids playground for kids under 6 on the third floor. It was very crowded. We masked up and luckily both kids didn’t complain.

We started our way out around 6:45 and that is where everyone seems to be going to. We got a good spot and both kids were able to seat on the sidewalk so they can see the show. The parade was 20 minutes long, with floats, characters and marching band. There’s also snow before and on the grand finale of the show. My kids got some high fives from Rudolph and Polar Panda. They also got some candy canes from a nutcracker character. Overall, it was a great 20 minute Christmas show.