How to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online in 8 easy steps

How to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online in 8 easy steps
How to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online in 8 easy steps

Are you looking to sell your wedding dress that are taking up a valuable retail space in your closet? Perhaps you want to see your dress shine again and use by another bride.

First, I want to mention that I bought a used wedding gown and paid more than 70 percent off the original price. I bought my gown for $436 including shipping. I then sold it for $270. I spent $15.69 to ship it and $30 to list it at preownedwedding dress. These are the 8 steps I used to sell my wedding dress online for more than 50% of what I paid for.

Step 1: Know your size the day of your wedding.

This is an important detail because you will use it when you list the gown. Measure yourself and take note of it before you go on a honeymoon so it’s handy.

I listed mine as:

  • Bust: 32.5
  • Waist: 26
  • Hips: 37
  • Height: 5’6″

Step 2: Ask your photographer to take a photo of the gown by itself.

A professional image can add value to the actual price of the gown. Your photographer should be there during your prep and can take some photos before you put on your gown. Take some photo with yourself as well. Seeing it on a person can give buyers ideas or fit.

Include a stock photo of the gown, in addition to your own pictures. I started with the stock photo and then added my own.

Here are the pictures that I included in the listing

Step 3: Clean your gown, either professionally or yourself.

I personally put my wedding gown on a washer. You have to know the type of fabric of the gown. Majority of wedding gowns can handle a normal washer. Honestly, really, it can, unless the gown is silk.

For those that are scared, have it professionally dry clean. If you dry clean it, keep the receipt and make sure that you have it enclosed in a box.

Step  4: List it as soon as possible.

I mean really, after your wedding. Ok, maybe after you get back from your honeymoon. This can be hard for some. Who doesn’t want to look at their wedding gowns and be reminded of their special day? But if you wait, you might find yourself staring at it in your closet 5 years later and the value of the gown DO NOT appreciate. You also have to look at the trends. Styles change and not a lot of brides wants a “vintage” gown.

Step 5: List as much information as you can.

This include the gown size, the street size you typically wear, your measurements when you wore the gown as noted on Step #1 and the location of the wedding. An outdoor wedding typically means the gown is dirtier. Include the designer, fabric and the style of the gown. 

I listed mine as:

  • Designer:Mikaella
  • Condition: Used
  • Color Family: Shades of White
  • Color: Diamond White
  • Year Purchased: 2013
  • Label size: 8

Step 6: Price it well.

I initially price my gown for $400. I searched through the site and it has a comparable price. I waited for about 6 months and I still don’t have any leads.

I slash the price to $270 and I got 5 inquiries the same day. I sold the gown within a week. Be realistic on your price. Research other gowns similar to yours on the site and price it competitively.

Step 7: Considering Paying to Promote the gown.

I paid an additional $5 to promote the gown on preowned wedding dress. It’s totally worth it because I received 5 leads in a week and sold my gown during the same week. 

Step 8: Respond to All Inquiries Timely

Consider yourself in your customer’s position. They are buying a dress that they will use on their most important day, unseen. They are also trying to save by buying a used wedding gown. Respond to their inquiries timely and be open to best offers.

How to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online in 8 easy steps

Where to sell your wedding dress?

I personally listed my wedding dress at and, but you can choose a different sites. Keep in mind that these sites have fees and / or commission once the dress is sold.

I also see wedding dresses for sale at Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and OfferUp. You can sell your dress locally and can give your customer a chance to “try” it on if you are willing. You can save some money on shipping and fees if you sell your dress locally.

Final Thoughts

Selling your wedding dress is great way to help other brides save money on their wedding budget. It gives your dress a chance to be love again and free up your closet space. This is a win-win situation for both buyer and seller.

Are you getting married? Where are you getting your wedding dress?

How to Save Hundreds by Switching to Xfinity Mobile – A Full Year Review in 2020

How to Save Hundreds by Switching to Xfinity Mobile - A Full Year Review in 2020
I saved $900 by switching to Xfinity Mobile

Note: This post contains affiliate link for Xfinity Mobile. This means that I may receive commissions if you purchase through my link at no cost to you. I will never recommend a product that I don’t personally uses.

It has been more than a year since my husband and I switched our cell phone provider from T-Mobile to Xfinity Mobile. I posted my first review here after 4 months of usage, where we saved $345.53. This is my review of Xfinity Mobile, after more than a year of use. I can say that Xfinity Mobile is still a great choice for us. Our monthly bill for two lines ranged from $11.93 – $39.16 per month. We saved a total of $967.88 since we switched to Xfinity Mobile

What can we do with $967.88? Well, here are some ideas for fun.

  • We can buy 2 Iphone SE for $399 each. If you are still paying for your phone, you can pay for your iPhone outright. My husband and I both own our phones.
  • 2 Plane tickets to the midwest or 1 plane ticket to Europe or Asia once this pandemic is over
  • Tickets to Disneyland, again once this pandemic is over
  • Annual Family Membership to our local zoo, again once this pandemic is over.

Or if we are being responsible

  • We can use that money to pay for one time expenses, like insurance or property taxes.
  • $967.88 cover the cost of MBP’s preschool tuition.
  • Donate it to MBP’s coop or our local foodbank

Or if we want to save more

  • Just for fun we can add this to our portfolio and buy 2 TSLA stocks for $418.32 or 8 AAPL stocks for $120.96
  • If we want to be boring and safe, we would buy 5 stocks of VTI for $173.5

This savings is not one time savings. It is an ongoing savings. I was using T-Mobile from 2012 – 2019. That is 7 years of spending more on a bill that could be $900 less. Granted, Xfinity Mobile launched in 2017. So for 2 years, I was paying $900 more every year for my phone bill. That is $1800. I knew about this program, but I was just lazy and thought that it is not worth my time. But guess what, my laziness could have caused me thousands because I would have stayed with T-mobile for another 7 years. Folks that is $6,775.16!! Believe me, reviewing your cell phone bill is worth your time.

T-Mobile vs Verizon vs Xfinity Mobile Cost

MonthT-Mobile CostVerizon CostXfinity Mobile CostGB Used
Total 1,087.36 1,280.00 319.48
  • Total Savings from Verizon: $960.52
  • Total Savings from T-Mobile: $767.88
  • One Time Promotion Deal: $200

If you are not convince yet, here are some comparison of the current cost from T-Mobile and Verizon. Previously, we were using T-Mobile pay as you go plan. This plan gave us unlimited data, unlimited text and 100 minutes. We were fairly happy with them, until we moved out of Seattle. T-Mobile didn’t give good coverage in our neighborhood. Verizon owns a new tower in our neighborhood and has been recommended by our neighbors, but they are pricey. Verizon’s cheapest plan for the amount of data we used cost $80/month for 2 lines. This is advertise and most likely do not include taxes and fees. As you can see from above, we rarely go over 1GB/month for 2 lines. The lockdown didn’t changed our usage either. Before the lockdown, we used Xfinity Hotspot whenever we go out. At home, we were always just on wifi.

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) operated through Verizon Networks. What is MVNO?

Per Wikipedia “A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which it provides services to its customers. A MVNO enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates, then sets retail prices independently.[1]

So this means that if you are an Xfinity Mobile customer, you are using the Verizon infrastructure.

Xfinity Mobile Coverage

How to Saved Hundreds by Switching to Xfinity Mobile - A Full Year Review in 2020
Verizon Coverage

We are lucky here because Xfinity Mobile has a great coverage because it uses Verizon Infrastructure. Verizon tops the Mobile Coverage competition from covering 70% wireless 4G coverage, followed by AT&T with 68% 4G coverage and T-Mobile with 62% coverage.

In addition, there are also hotspots that boost this coverage up. We used this hotspot many times. In the mall parking lot, while waiting for the mall to open, I was on hotspot. Clinic visit during my pregnancy, I was on hotspot. Shopping at Costco, I was on hotspot.

Personally, I never had any issues with coverage.

Will YOU Save Money From Xfinity Mobile?

Probably. You need to know the amount of data your family uses every month. You can easily see your data usage from your previous cell phone bill. If your usage is under 2GB, you can save a lot of money from Xfinity Mobile. If you are using more than 3G, the Xfinity Unlimited Plan might be the right option for you.

How to Saved Hundreds by Switching to Xfinity Mobile - A Full Year Review in 2020

You can also audit your data usage on your phone and select the apps that can use cellular data. Safari and Google Maps are the only maps that I opt in for cellular data usage. This means that I cannot check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if I’m not on wifi or Xfinity Hotspot.

If you have Xfinity Internet and are working from home due to the pandemic, this is the best time to switch. Your phone should be automatically connected to your home wifi and uses that majority of the time. Your data usage should be coming from your wifi.

What do you need?

You need to be an Xfinity Customer

I’ve been an Xfinity Customer since 2009. I don’t have a choice. Xfinity is the only decent internet provider in our area. Fortunately, I never paid more than $60/month for Internet. I just call every year and they give me their best rate for Internet. Currently, I’m paying $45/month with download speed up to 100 Mbps. It takes 30 minutes per year, and I never got turned down!

You need to be out of contract from your current provider

I was on a prepaid plan, so I never had an issue with this. I know that some plans have a 24 month contract period, especially if you buy your phone from the provider. Check your contract if you can get out of it early without a penalty.

You need to own a phone that is compatible with Xfinity Mobile

Your device needs to be compatible with Xfinity mobile if you are bringing your own device. Currently Xfinity accepts iPhone, Pixel and Galaxy phone. They run some promotions so be sure to check it. When we signed up, we received $200 Visa Gift Card by switching and bringing our own device. Additionally, you need an unlock phone. You can unlock your by calling your provider. You can also purchase your phone in Xfinity Mobile if you are in the hunt of a new phone.

Moving to Xfinity Mobile

I went in person to an Xfinity Mobile store during lunch time. It was quick and easy. The associates did everything for me. He ported my number to Xfinity. For my husband, we ordered the SIM card and called T-Mobile, then Xfinity Mobile. It was easy.

What’s the catch?

I cannot see any disadvantage of switching to Xfnity Mobile. I tried to look hard but it really works well for our family. In fact, I should have switch to Xfinity Mobile even pre-retirement since we are always on wifi even in the office. Unfortunately, I didn’t look at our data usage and was attracted to “Unlimited data” plan. I will refer you to some Reddit discussions since I cannot personally find and cons. According to Reddit thread, Xfinity Mobile customers get deprioritzed over Verizon customers. Also, if you are on Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plan, you get throttles at 600Kbps from the start. G.E Miller from also published his review of Xfinity Mobile.

Do you use Xfinity Mobile? What are your thoughts?

The Monthly Expenses of an Early Retiree – August 2020

The Monthly Expenses of an Early Retiree

We enjoyed the sunny month of August. There were very warm days and we had to turn on our portable air conditioner. We don’t have central AC. In fact majority of the houses in the Pacific Northwest do not have AC. We rarely experience 90 degree weather and it always cool down at night. An open windows and a fan makes it comfortable at night. It cost over 5K to install central air and it doesn’t satisfy the cost considering it will only be use 10 times a year, at most.

In August our early retirement spending are $2,408.77

Food and Dining – $711.34

The Monthly Expenses of an Early Retiree
Weekly fruits

We continue on our Plant Based / Whole food diet. One of the barrier on promoting a plant based diet is cost. Our snacks are fruits and veggies. It is ridiculous that fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than junk foods. For example, a Costco size Ruffles cost $5.99 while a pack of mangoes cost $7.99. Both are also not taxable. The only fruits that are not expensive are bananas. Eating healthy is still cheaper than taking medications later on. I am also enjoying the sweet peaches, mangoes, cantaloupe, and apples. Our household love fruits! We also ordered a Burger King take out. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I think my taste pallet is changing.

Auto and Transportation – $475.84

We paid $356.64 for annual tab for our Prius. It is high because of a new tax subsidy for light rail. We also spent $98.36 to get a change oil, $18.84 bucks for gas and $2 bucks for parking.

Utilities – $447.46

This looks high because I forgot to pay for electric and gas last month. We also paid for water and garbage bill this month. Our sewer, internet and and very cheap cell phone plan are consistent month over month.

Kids – $378.57

We bought this expensive high chair for MBP. I’ve been looking for a second hand for a while but this is hard to come by. I think people keep this chair until their kids go to college. AHP is starting to seat by himself and we started on some solids. I want to move MBP out of his high chair where he would feel comfortable and seat on the table. He loves his “big boy” chair! He can seat and get off his chair by himself. He also wants to seat there to color. I’ve been thinking of getting him a table, but I probably won’t do it since he can just use the dining table now with his chair. We also bought a coloring book and pull ups diaper for MBP.

Pets – $115.55

This is our furbaby’s kibble, treats and some toys ordered online from Petco and Amazon.

Health and Fitness – $96.98

I bought contact lenses from Costco. This should last me a year until my prescription expires.

Others – $183.03

Some household stuff, a printer cartridge and our HOA fees.

Below is the details of our spending. This line item is very detail. I added more categories on mint. I like to see trends for each item so I can see if there are opportunity to optimize some expenses.

Groceries658.23A lot of fresh fruits and veggies
Auto & Transport356.64Annual Tabs
529 College Fund200
Electric and Gas143.672 months for electric and gas
Kids Gadgets131.65MBP's High Chair
Water113.79Water Bill
Service & Parts98.36Change Oil
Pet Food & Supplies97.52Kibble
Health & Fitness96.98Contacts
HOA Dues68.25
Shopping53.24Cartridge, etc
Household Supplies44.8Sanitizer, etc
Baby Supplies40.97Pull Ups
Alcohol & Bars40.14Alcohol from Costco
Gas & Fuel18.84
Pets18.03Some other treats and toys
Mobile Phone15.92The cheap phone plan from Xfinity
Fast Food12.97Burger King (a disappointment after going on a plant based diet)
Subscription6.55Prime Monthly Fee
Kids5.95Coloring books
Parking2Street Parking when Mr. went to Seattle to visit our rental condo
Electronics & Software0.57Hosting fee for this blog