Hearts Day, Birthday and February 2024 Expenses

Another month had passed and we are slowly starting to get out of the gloomy season. This month, we celebrated Valentine’s Day, AHP’s 4th Birthday and MBP’s first time selling Campfire Candies.

Valentine’s Day is a big day at the kid’s school. This day is basically all about them now, with all the hearts, sweets and classroom celebration. The boys handed out some Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. I printed out some Valentines Day Cards at home glue it on a construction paper. AHP wrote his name and MBP addressed 24 cards for his classmates. I have to bribe AHP to write his name and hold the maker correctly. There were some tears involve doing his cards. The boys got a ton of kisses from Christmas. I taped one per card. The kids came back home with more sweets and they are not even done with their Christmas Candy.

Kid’s V-Day Cards

The next day was AHP’s 4th birthday. He was so excited! We brought some donuts to his school per his request and had a celebration at home that weekend. I went to the dollar store and got him some balloons and a couple of truck for his birthday gift. The balloon was such a hit! I have to keep reminding them to take turns. It was a solid effort for them. The boys helped me make some cupcakes for the weekend celebration. MBP got a new marble run, some more cars and $$$.

I helped decorate MBP’s room

We also got busy with the annual fundraising for Campfire. MBP sold some candies. He sold quite a bit of boxes at the grocery store. We also went door to door here in our neighborhood. His goal was to sell 45 boxes of candy and he ended up selling 125. He was very upbeat in the grocery store and wasn’t bother with some rejects. He had fun, but I’m glad its over.

AHP’s B-day

We also had a long weekend to celebrate the Presidents Day and I continued preparing taxes for VITA. I also completed ours and my brother’s tax returns. We got another refund this year, mainly because of the energy rebate for our heat pump.

MBP’s President Portrait

Our spending is the lowest at $1,957.64. I’m pretty sure that the last time we spent under $2k was during the pandemic. I’m just seeing this now too, so let’s take a look at our spending.

Kids Activities157.33
Home Improvement93.38
General Merchandise86.86
Mobile Phone17.2
Dues & Subscriptions7.65

Groceries – $550.76

It’s low, probably because there’s less days in February. Nothing unusual here aside from the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. I bought 3 boxes from the girls that knock on our door. Cookies are now $6 per box, just like our Campfire candies.

Utilities – $346.92

Our electric and gas was $142.14. It was a bit higher because it was cold. Our garbage was $81.24. Sewer is flat at $69.41 and our water bill was $54.13

Education – $323

Monthly preschool tuition for AHP.

Kids Activities – $157.33

We donated $100 for MBP’s Readathon. We also got some campfire candies ourselves. I got MBP a tennis racket and 18 tennis balls from Walmart all for $27.33. We went to our local high school tennis courts and the boys tried to hit some balls.

Going home from school

Home Improvement – $93.38

I got a dozen of solar path lights from Costco. Turned out that I don’t like it, so this will get return in March. Mr. MMD got some stuff from Lowe’s

General Merchandise – $86.86

These are catch all which includes Amazon orders, household supplies from Costco like toilet paper, paper towel, etc. I don’t really track this too much.

HOA – $84

Flat fee per month that will most likely increase next year. We do enjoy the trails and playground.

Gasoline / Fuel – $70.14

We filled up twice, one for Jetta and one for Prius

Clothing – 68.98

Mr. MMD ordered a bunch of shirts.

Healthcare/ Medical – $64.01

Dental insurance was $38.76 and my vision insurance was $5. I also got some preservative free eye drop from Costco. It was on sale and cost $20.25 for 100 vials. This should last me for at least 3 months.

Restaurants – $45.71

We went to McDonald’s once after MBP completed his Campfire Candy Sale. The donuts for AHP’s birthday were $27.41

Internet – $26.44

Xfinity has been charging me for an equipment rental. This should be lower next month.

Mobile Phone – $17.20

We are still on the same plan at Xfinity. This is for 2 lines using under 1GB per month.

Dues and Subscription – $7.65

This is for Amazon Prime. We get the most use of this through music using Alexa.

Gifts – $6.02

Dollar tree gifts for AHP.

Hobbies – $5.24

I bought the Kindle version of Fourth Wing. I found this book through the book club and got a bit obsessed with it. I probably read this book more than three times by now. I also read the 2nd book, Iron Flame. I got the book from the library.

Travel – $4

Deposit at Kualoa Ranch for our tour this upcoming Spring Break.

February has been good so far and I’m looking forward to Spring! How’s your month?