The Post Baby Weight Loss Challenge – Month 3 update

The Post Baby Weight Loss Challenge

I completed the third month of my post baby weight loss challenge. My weight goal is 105 lbs. I am 107.6 lbs after completing the third month.

The Post Baby Weight Loss Challenge
Month 3

Here are the numbers. I weigh 111.6 lbs on July 26 and I weigh 107.6 lbs on August 26. I lost 4 lbs this month and lost 17 lbs since I started tracking my diet. My goal is to reach 105 lbs by the end of September, 7 months after I gave birth.

It is harder every month. This month, I threw half a bag of Ruffles and a whole jar of Nutella. I asked my husband to buy me some Ruffles from Costco, thinking that I can control myself. I ate a quarter of it in one seating and another quarter the next day. I didn’t feel good that night, but I just can’t stop eating. It was bad, that I threw it out. Then I switch to Nutella. I knew that Nutella is mostly sugar. 2 tablespoon of Nutella is 200 calories. I even started researching for Nutella alternatives. I found some recipes but haven’t tried it. I am surprised that I am still losing weight. I go over the calorie suggestions most days because of added snacks.

Plant Based Diet

We continue to eat mostly plant based/whole food meals. We have 14 favorite meals after a month of starting the diet. We have some favorites and some not so good ones. We’re still not vegan but limit our meat intake once or twice a week. I still consume some form of dairy for snacks (like chocolate covered raisins) and cheese (like pizza). It was easy for me to give up meat, especially beef. I think we’re getting the groove of this diet and I am happy with our progress. For those that want to give this a try, I recommend watching Gamechangers. It is a documentary from Netflix interviewing athletes that are on a vegan diet. You’ll be surprise that Arnold Schwarnegger is in it.

Strength Training

This is still going. I am hitting a plateau on weights on some exercises. I can now lift 65lbs on squats and on the “real bar”. I’m pretty happy with that because I look legit with the full size weights on the bar.

Last Stretch

I am going on my last month. It is so easy to stop at this weight, but I want to reach the goal I set. Wish me luck!

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